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Why Choose RBSOFT Consulting?


We believe that empathy is essential for the success of our company, our clients, and every single person at RBSOFT. We care about the work we do and its impact. We care about our clients and our teammates. We are curious and always willing to look at the situation from a different perspective. This is what drives high commitment and strong collaboration at RBSOFT.


We want every person at RBSOFT to feel empowered and free to take the initiative. So we create an environment where it’s ok to make mistakes, learn from them, improve, and grow. We are ardent advocates of Agile methodologies, and try to use Agile across all our processes and projects.


Innovation and growth are impossible without open communication, honesty, and trust. At RBSOFT, we cut out any signs of bureaucracy, hidden agendas, and favoritism. Instead, we are always ready to share information, we are open to feedback, and have clear communication channels. This allows us to make informed decisions and take ownership of them.


Entrepreneurship is all about innovation, responsibility, and a sense of ownership. At RBSOFT, we value initiative and use a get-things-done approach in our work. We treat every project as their own small enterprise, and this helps us deliver maximum value to our clients. By closely following market trends, we often become the first on the market to develop new expertise.


Even little things can make a big difference. Every single day, we try to make a positive impact on the world around us - our organization, our communities, our planet.

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