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Internet of Things Development

We will help you with every aspect of your IoT project, from validating your idea and building a prototype of your hardware to designing scalable cloud architecture and unlocking the value of predictive analytics. We will support you at each step of the way, identifying your business needs and offering the best solutions to meet them.

IoT-related services we offer

Device layer

  • Create a fast Proof of Concept to validate your idea

  • Prototype and manufacture hardware for your IoT project

  • Develop software/firmware for your devices

  • Develop a Test Automation Framework to ensure your devices operate properly

Gateway layer

  • Choose the most suitable gateway for your case, considering a target coverage range and types of your IoT devices, or design a custom one

  • Develop custom software/firmware for your gateway

  • Benefit from edge computing

  • Use the most suitable protocols for your specific case

Cloud layer

  • Design a high-load, scalable architecture

  • Use cloud-agnostic approach to avoid vendor lock-in

  • Apply DevOps best practices to automate provisioning and deployment, optimize resource usage, and save costs

  • Use DevSecops approach to implement security and threat intelligence at each step

Data management layer

Leverage our broad data expertise to design effective solutions for monitoring, predictive maintenance, industrial automation, inventory management, etc.

  • Classical SQL and NoSQL DBMS

  • Big Data / Data Warehouse / Data lake

  • Real-time Data Processing

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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